Friday, October 31, 2008

Guest Room….still working on it.

So this is what I have been trying to do lately. That and raking my yard and general everyday things.

2008 October 048

So I painted the wall a Sico color called “Highway” ….dumb color name I know, but I took the whole swatch book home and this is what I thought matched the most. The rest of the room is a lighter grey. The lamp was painted white and I added paper to the shade and cut out the overlay in white paper….

2008 October 061Took me about four hours to cutout2008 October 001 This is the before picture. I think it turned out okay??

I bought a white Duvet that still needs a cover, but for now at least it’s white. The art work is a collection of random things. I bought the biggest picture and then painted all the frames white. The rest of the art is from Etsy. 2008 October 069

I hung them randomly and didn’t want them to be too perfect. I will probably add to them as I collect more.The rest of the room I am still working on and the pillows on the bed probably won’t stay…I am on the hunt for a funky pattern still.2008 October 064 The dresser also needs to some work …this is what is there right now. It’s a little plain and I would like to hang some shelves in there somewhere.

So that’s my room so far. Shirley….

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Shirley said...

Its very nice! I think the colour is very different and I like it. Where's the poster? Wasn't it all about the poster? I still want to see some more colour in there. Love the cloth on the dresser...I haven't seen that before.