Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Back.....sigh

It was a wonderful trip, Hawaii is so beautiful! I want to go back...right now!
Okay reality is hitting and well, I'm trying to get back to my ordinary life here in Keremeos.

The voyage to Hawaii was a bit rough for the first 4 days. Lots of people were sea sick, I was a bit queasy on the first day but got over it fast. I'm not going to waste my holidays sick in bed! The weather was cool and rainy and the waves were hitting our first floor window....

View from our stateroom....

Their was lots to do on the ship but it seemed like all you did was eat. I'm not someone who eats breakfast, lunch and supper. I sort of snack during the day and then have a nice supper. On the ship it was big meals three times a day. No wonder people gain lots of weight going cruising.
It was so nice to leave for breakfast and return to your room all cleaned and bed made. Then on our return from supper the bed was turned down with chocolates and a cute towel animal. I really could get used to that luxury!

A cute towel animal

The ship was so huge that I think I lost weight with all the walking. It seemed like miles to our stateroom. Then always getting lost and walking all the way to the other end of the ship...again! I don't know aft from stern to port side to starboard side. Who makes up all these stupid things?
It was so wonderful to see land after five days at sea. We couldn't wait to get off the ship and put our feet on land. It is really strange to get onto land after being on a ship. You tend to rock when you standing is the funniest feeling. I guess the natives can tell the tourists that have come from a cruise...they are the ones rocking for no reason.
I loved the Islands...they really do smell like flowers. Every street, every yard, every where are flowers. Mostly Plumeria trees, and Hibiscus.

Plumeria flowers

We went on a few tours, but found them very pricey when buying them from the cruise line. We found that when you get off the ship there are buses that will take you to Malls, Walmart, Kmart, and Hillo Hatties for free. They don't tell you that on the ship talks. They leave every 15 to 20 minutes and the bus drivers are all locals and tell you all kinds of information. Such as going to the Mall and taking a local bus that will take you anywhere for $1.00. That really P.O'd my brother in law as he took a taxi to the other side of Maui and paid 75.00, while my friends only paid $1.00. Pays to be cheap sometimes.
I did do lots of shopping. Doesn't mean I bought lots. We didn't have much room in our suitcases and so had to be frugal with what we bought. Did bring home my Mom a Muumuu...she loves it and it was even made in Hawaii, not China.
We also did the Luau thing...wasn't what I really thought it would be. The entertainment was wonderful and they really do wear coconut bra's! But when you share the space with 800 people it seems a bit much. I felt like cattle herded here and there. The food was....yucky...roasted pig swimming in lard, poi...real yucky, macaroni salad, and fried chicken that I couldn't even bite into. It was all very impersonal and well "touristy" I would recommend anyone to go to at least one, but be sure that it is a small event.
We really would love to return to Hawaii but not by ship. I have seen most of the islands of Hawaii but only for a short few hours. To really enjoy them you have to stay for awhile and taste the ambiance of the place. Our favorite was Kona on the big island.
I have been searching for good fares.......just dreaming.

One of our tours to Ioa beautiful and so tropical

Rainbow over Honolulu as we came into port


MommaCat said...

I've been waiting for your post!!!!
I bet you wish you were back there instead of facing garden cleanup and lawn mowing.

Pati said...

Good post Shirl. What are you up to today?