Thursday, May 7, 2009

This I know….


This post is a long time coming…..Ok so quick update since March……It snowed some more, it warmed up and the snow melted….then the work began. Raking, pruning, raking some more…burning, rototilling and mowing…..THIS I KNOW FOR SURE…. gardening and having an acre of land is alot of work!! I am pooped already. Today I dug a 12 by 8 section of lawn out of my backyard…I filled my wheel barrow up about 10 times with sod and had to wheel it way into the back 40…..But at least it is done now and I can figure out how to loosen up the hard pack clay soil now. Still have lots to do in my yard but at least it is starting to look nice and green out and all the leaves are popping…Even took out the new camera after the rain and took some pictures. Here are a few.

IMG_0468 copy