Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Dressed in the Mornings

Talking about getting nothing done all day.....let me tell you about me. I have a problem with not getting dressed right away...I've tried all kinds of things, like "being dressed before 11am" or "No coffee until your showered and dressed".....does it work? No! Why? I don't know...I get caught up with drinking coffee, playing games on the computer, talking to Pati on MSN..... Of course I get caught every now and then. Like today it is 11am and yes not dressed or showered. I get on to the computer, just to check my mail, but "hey" Sears sent a special sale! Coooool So there I am going through all the Sears stuff wondering if the next one will be "just what I need".....ding dong....OH NO! someone is at the door....I'm in my night gown, no housecoat, my house is a mess, and I don't know who it is???? So I run to my bedroom, and peek out of the window to see who it is. OH it is my friend...yes I want to see her, but she really teases me about not being dressed. She is a person who gets up at 5am, gets dressed and gets to work. Darn!....well I can't ignore her, she knows I'm home. So I grab a house coat and yell...COMING! She is at the door smug...knowing that I wouldn't be dressed. Ha! She tells me....was thinking of bringing my housecoat and wearing it to make you feel better...haha....she's so funny. What are friends for? Just love her to bits! So I will try harder to be dressed before 11am, I will get my act in gear and do something "before" getting on the computer. Ya right....we will see.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I had such plans

Well today I had high hopes. I woke up and had my coffee, started cleaning my kitchen. I even sprayed down my poor oven with cleaner... to do later. I had this idea that if i got it all done I could start painting. You see I got a really cool headboard from my sister Penny, and I have been slowly thinking about what color to paint it....I will use it in my guest room. I hauled the headboard down the stairs and set it against my wall in my dining room. First step done. Then I decided...Oh I should make a photo collage of how I want the room to look...Ya a kind of idea page!!....oh cool!..So get the camera...."click click" . Okay now some of the guest room, ..Oh some of the art that will hang in there too...."click click". Okay , that's done, now go upload them and make a new it "guest room ideas" ...ya cool. That's when my day started to go down hill. SIGH....I mean how hard can it be to make a photo collage?? Open a new file and paste a few bloody pictures in it right? Well ya if you are familiar with your program and know what you are doing!! So I struggled and time just flew by, and soon it was lunch....So I had lunch. Then I saw my flowers needed water outside. Okay did that. Then I saw a plant that had fallen off my deck and the pot had broke...Okay do that. Done. Phone rings, it's the brother in law. "Do I have any left over tiles" he asks.."I'm redoing behind my wood stove". Why of course I do and you can have them......Okay, he comes over but not before I have to frantically clean up all the rotten Saskatoons that have fallen all over the bricks in front of my shed(where the tiles are).....AARRGGHH....Okay DONE!! Back to the computer. Well thats how it went all day....One of my sisters came and visited me....Husband came home from work...then it's supper...WTF? The day just flew bye and I still don't have my headboard painted...and I still don't have anything to show as an "Idea collage".....god and here I sit feeling like I am a total misfit...I mean other people seem to get so much done in a day and I can't even paint a simple headboard! Oh well I guess I did clean my oven, reconnected to a sister I hadn't seen in awhile, saw my Brother in law, and had a good supper with my boys....I guess its not what I didn't do ...but what I did do that matters. I had a good day even if it wasn't what I had planned.

The water was so clear you could see fish they were jumping all over the place

Summer is almost over!

Today I realized that I haven't taken pictures of my gardens this summer. I usually have a whole collection of flowers and garden pictures that I use for reference and maybe to paint one day. Summer is almost over and I need to smarten up. What did I do all summer? Didn't it seem to start and then it was over? I didn't go to the river for a swim, I don't have pictures of my flowers, I didn't get my summer chores done, like clean under the deck, or clean the car port. It's sad that summer is almost gone. Maybe it was the cooler weather. Usually we have to many days of hot hot weather, so hot that you can't move. Days of getting up at 5am and working in the gardens because it is impossible to function in the afternoons. Having suppers on the deck when the sun goes down, cooking "everything" on the bbq because you don't dare turn on your oven. Mowing lawns in the evenings until it is to dark to see and your neighbours are staring at you thinking...."What is that crazy women doing now?" So today I'm going to the river.....and taking pictures!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Blog

Okay someone has to start…. I guess it is me.

Living in Keremeos is mostly wonderful. It is a hot place…except for this year. Seems to be more rain than usual. It is a great grow “anything” area and things grow in leaps and bounds.
We have more fruit stands that you can shake a stick at. In fact were known as the “Fruit Stand Capital of Canada” Something to be real proud of…..ya think?
Anyway, everyone here either has an orchard or at least a few fruit trees.
When we first moved here, we were so excited to own two peach trees, a apricot tree, apple tree, two plum trees. That is until they started producing. What the hell do you do with 50 tons of fruit? You can only make so much jam and canned fruit.
At least I can say my compost is well fed. I don’t feel guilty putting all my extra fruit in the compost. My worms are very happy worms and make beautiful compost for me.
I have a neighbour who leans over the fence and says things like…. ”Your fruit is falling on the ground” or “ looks like you peaches are almost ready” or “ I have a bucket if you need it?” or Sure do enjoy those plums”… Hmmm. Think they would like some????
Being me, stubborn, I just pick them up and give them to my worms. I don’t know…I guess I’m mean. I do give my neighbours fruit, but hey, sometimes I get mad at people who are moochers. Why don’t you have any fruit trees? I guess my neighbours are the only people in this town who DON’T own a tree. They do have a huge vegetable garden though. Don’t seem to share very much. Maybe if I bring my bucket over and say “sure do love fresh pea’s

Talking about peaches. We were a bit late picking them this year. Most had fallen off the tree (even with the neighbours pointing that out to us). Birds, wasps, and ants ate a fair bit. We did have enough to make a few jars of canned fruit. The rest went to my wonderful worms living in my compost… at least the worms are happy.

Okay I went out to my compost bin to take pictures of my worms….ya pictures of worms.
My pitch fork broke, my camera ran out of batteries. So all you get is a picture of my canned peaches. Not as cool as a bunch of squiggly happy worms.

Sorry about the different fonts....something was going wrong and guess you can't change in the middle of typing.

What is this blog thing anyways.

Helloooo out there....
Well, we finally did it! Our first posts! "Hi Mom". "Hi" hubby, son (maybe?), daughter... Cool we have a few readers.
So we have been talking about this for awhile now, Shirley and I. Once you start to think about actually writing a blog, your life takes on a whole new meaning. For example: Today I picked flowers for my house, and as I walked through the garden it was almost like a bad Martha Stewart show. I had this running dialog in my head. I could blog about my garden, I thought as I strolled through the flowers.....I could do a fancy little blog about picking a bouquet and how I like to us only two colors...Haha. Or that I started them all from seed, and have some witty tutorial on color theory. You see I do read alot of blogs, and mostly I am attracted to design ones. I do like to decorate but have no training in it...I do it for me. Anyways the blogs I do read tend to have youngish thirty somethings, blogging about how they have reuphostered their EBay finds in some "KWID" garden trellis fabric....God I have material envy....So I guess a part of me has blog envy. I read a blog just today in was Decor8 interviewing Ez from Creature Comforts. Great interview but they did talk about the "popularity club" of blogging and it's true I think. The ones I read they seem to be all linked to each other. Part of me wishes to be as good and as talented as them....the fact is I am insecure, and I want everyone to like me. I want to be witty and I want to have EBay finds that are cool.....So there I was, wandering in the garden not living in the moment but thinking of how I could write and sound like one of "those" bloggers. I mean Ez did have wonderful points about staying true to I guess here I am trying to be true to myself... I am not Martha, I am not a hip, fashion wearing designer...I am me. I am trying to be okay with that, and just writing from my heart. It took me so long to write this first post just for the fact that my Header had to at least look like I know how to use Photoshop.....gaaaaak Just ask Shirley....(yes my older sister does ride my ass). She knows me more than I do myself sometimes and pointed out I had to have it "perfect". Ya I feel I do, but I'm going to really try to just be me. If any of my sheshepoopoo bloggers ever do say HI I will try to respond as an just me............... and scream and dance and fall down crying.....
Ok I am now done. My heart is beating fast!!!. All I have to do is hit PUBLISH POST....Okay maybe I should reread it again......I didn't do this in "word" and then paste it in here...Like Shirrleeyyy..... Oh well here it is ...spelling and punctuation mistakes and all....

Thursday, August 14, 2008