Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the H…

I love Etsy…to much to look at, some really cool stuff.

The other day I decided to check out the “Vintage” stuff. I like old glass dishes and just to see what's hot, I typed in bowls and what the H..!

What I found on Etsy…

il_155x125_36029138 Vintage bowlsil_430xN_55612530il_155x125_39530818

and here is what I have in my cupboards, I do have a few more in the fridge with stuff in them.

Feburary stuff 007

These aren't vintage! I use them everyday… So what if they are “harvest gold” but I don’t think of them as VINTAGE! Isn’t vintage OLD stuff? Like old OLD…??? What’s that you say Pati?… I am old???

Okay I admit I’m getting up there. But this is such a shock to me. I always thought Mom’s stuff was old and dated. Now it’s me that is OLD and DATED!

I sat here and really thought about it. Isn’t “Retro” really cool right now? So that makes me cool! … Cooooool! I have real cool collectable bowls now… maybe I should put them away to save. If I only had a china cabinet to display my really cool stuff.

Hey! watch that bowl, it is worth something…I think we should go and buy some new bowls and put these away…there worth money now!

I wonder if I have anymore really cool “old vintage” stuff…

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Here’s a Valentines blog for ALL our loyal readers. I guess the two of you will be thrilled…lol

If you do read this blog…send us a note so we know that you are there…someday we just might be famous…ya right!

Pati is busy sewing purses. She is so talented. Her daughter Brooke’s birthday is on the 18th and so she is under pressure to get the purse done. Wish my sewing machine worked…I have been wanting to sew the past few months.
Maybe we can get Pati to show us the purse she made for Brooke…hope Brooke isn’t reading this…

Anyway on to Valentines Day Wishes…

Valentines Day 002

Here are the cards I wanted to send out to friends…I lost them and found them today. So take a good look Suzan and Liz, these would of been yours. Maybe next year, if I put them somewhere I will remember where they are. And “Happy Valentines Day” my dear friends!

Valentines Day 001

Isn’t this picture lovely? These are Morning Doves waiting their turn at drinking from the fish pond. I took the picture from my kitchen window…just holding the camera up and zooming in, hoping that it would work. These birds are SO shy and any movement or noise scares them away. I was very lucky to get this shot.
So this is your Valentine gift to you all!

Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here I am!

Yes I know…the blog thing…lots of excuses and stuff like that. To say it plainly it is boring around here. So boring that Pati has to clean behind fridges and stoves…She must be really really bored!

At least it is warming up in Keremeos and the snow is melting. I can see some patches happening and I keep thinking I hear a Robin…must be all in my head  because I can’t find him with my binoculars. Saw a huge flock of Cedar Wax Wings and a flock of Gross Beaks. No Robins…yet. I even went for a little walk around the yard to see if anything is popping up…nothing yet. Okay! I know it is only the beginning of February but I can dream can’t I?

Today I got a manicure…first one ever! I got a French manicure…now I can’t do anything. It has to last at least the weekend.

Feburary stuff 004

What do you think? Don’t look at the “old” hands…just the pretty nails. Even got a heart put on my pinky for Valentines Day. I told hubby it was his Valentines to me. Such a nice guy!

I’m going to Port Coquitlam tomorrow. We have been invited to our niece's book release party. Cool that she wrote a book, Heart Songs to Apron Strings…A Mothers Journal for her Daughter by Carissa Jackson. I have found it all over the internet, all the way to Great Britain. Wow…I just might know a famous person. There for the “nails”…party?…with young Vancouver people?…and then me? Well I will have nice nails!

51TYzgagy%2BL__SL500_AA240_So must get busy with the packing and cleaning. Not looking forward to the long drive. It will be fun once we get there and just enjoy family. 

Where have you been??

Okay so I know Shirl and I haven’t been writing here much this last month. I can’t speak for Shirley but I know I have been busy catching up on mundane things. Things like painting the ceilings in the kitchen and cleaning. Why today I cleaned my fridge, stove and on top of my cupboards EWWWW. Not being too crafty lately. I did make a few orders from Etsy this last week though, and am sooo excited. I ordered two purse patterns and five different fabrics…..here I will show you.



And the fabric


il_fullxfull.55532596 il_fullxfull.55532423

All these are from afabricoutlet and are by Furuya Echino. LOVE THEM. I hope to try to create a few cool purses. I have been thinking of doing this for over a year……I keep thinking I will find the perfect purse pattern. I think it only exists in my head. Maybe as I go I will get more confidant I will make my own.  Okay so will try to keep this up……even if it’s really boring.….See ya later…….