Monday, January 5, 2009


My picture didn't come through right. So I will try it again....

My Christmas Gifts…

That's quit a haul Pati! I sure would love to have a laptop computer. But no Ron wants a 40 inch flat screen TV, which we will get on the 19th. My friend Liz’s Birthday…I will tell her we are getting a TV for her Birthday…she will like that.

I was pretty lucky this year too and got my own haul of gifts. It took me awhile to find them all and place them “just” right…got to keep up with the Pati girl! We do that to each other…heehee


Christmas Haul

A beautiful Afghan from my Mommy. A cool purse that “Pati” made…isn’t it lovely? A set of three phones with answering machine from Erin, A scrapbooking carry case from Corey plus a real cool robot bug…see him on the book?, a Crop a dile (scrapbook tool) from Brendon (that weird pink thing) oh and an ultimate Jewel Quest pc game, a cool flashy candle holder from sister Penny, A garden journal from Corey’s girl friends parents…eek… and from Ron a set of expensive perfumes and a book on Survival by the survivor man…he is so romantic. I will be wearing my perfume when I’m surviving in the desert or tropical forest. Maybe you could use it for firestarter (not the book! the perfume silly!)……hmmmm…maybe I will give it a try? Ron did get me a lot more stuff…but I ate it all…

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here is a picture…

This is a horrible picture…..I cannot take pictures at night. I don’t like using the flash first of all, and the incandescent light just casts such a ucky glow. Please forgive it as it was about the best one….christmas gifts1

So at the top of my Christmas gift is my Acer laptop. It is dark blue and 14.1"…I love it soo much and can surf anywhere in the house which is so freeing….

Secondly I love the wireless mouse my daughter bought me along with a 4gig thumb drive and also the ipod cover and headphones. She also got me an awesome laptop case which I forgot to take a pic of.

Next Shirley made me a very cool necklace that is very funky and has a dragon fly on it! Which I love.

Penny gave me the funky water lily candle holder…and my friend Debi made me an awesome makeup back filled with amazing makeup.

Okay so there they are….my favourite gifts of  Christmas 2008.

My favourite Christmas gifts…..

I am running a little behind with this Shirley. I woke up later then normal. I then had to clean and head up town in a blizzard…I phoned Mom to make sure she was okay, and if she needed anything.(She has a cough..flu?) Then I phoned my neighbour to see if she needed anything…which turned into an invitation to come for coffee once I had finished shopping. I sped uptown in a snowstorm, with limited visibility, as my wind shield wipers are useless…… got some groceries came home unloaded them and put supper in the oven. My husband has to work out of town and leaves at 10:30 at night, so I needed to have supper ready for him early. Ok so it’s now 4:00…off to the neighbours for a visit….Home again at 5:oo and eat supper and do laundry and start packing for hubby. So it’s now 6:44 and still haven’t taken any pictures of my gifts…I still have lots to do. I will post this first and pictures to follow….. tonight or tomorrow, which ever works out. Sorry…it was one of those days….

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo Challenge

The dog and I journeyed out in the minus 20 weather to get these pictures. I had waited too long to get the best light….It was after 3 and getting too dark. I took over 100 pictures….haha. Not one made me go “wow”. Not like Shirl’s…Love, love your pictures. The light, the colors…

This is the dog..with the word squirrel said to him…

 2009 January 166This picture reminds me of a small little world….living on a branch. The snow is like a forest.

january blog pic….This one is of my maple.

january blog pic 3….This is my backyard zoomed in so you can’t see all my neighbours stuff.

january blog pic 5

I know we were supposed to do three, I just wanted the one of Jack on here, as he did follow me around, thinking we were going for a walk.

Photo Challenge

Well Christmas and New Years is all over for another year … deep sigh. It was fun while it lasted. Sure did miss my kids. The boys stayed in Edmonton and we did get to see Erin on Boxing day. We “tried” to go shopping that day. Ha! I became Momma Bear defending “our” parking space. I don’t think anyone would of tried to take the only space available after driving for half an hour. I jumped out of the car and threatened anyone who even looked at the space that someone was trying to back out of. I guess I embarrassed everyone in our vehicle…ha…they don’t know what I’m really capable of, do they?

Now that all the hullabaloo is over we need to get back into our creative side. Plus to stay away from all those chocolates. Maybe even go outside…ooooh…that is a hard one to do. For Pati I did do that today and nearly froze my hands off…got to find those gloves.

Our challenge today was to photograph our backyard. It was such a beautiful day, sun shining and the air was so crisp and clean. We are to post only three of our choices today.

Here are my results

Christmas and outside Pictures 034

Christmas and outside Pictures 035


Christmas and outside Pictures 033