Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flowers in October

Today I have a Garden Club dinner. It is for all the members that have helped in preparing, cleaning, weeding, watering and any "work" that has been done to the flower beds downtown Keremeos. Our club is called "Similkameen Garden Club"....well known for all the flower beds we do for the downtown area of Keremeos.

A friend asked me to make an arrangement as a thank-you for a special person who has arranged all of our tours, speakers, and fun things this year for the club. It had to be an arrangement from flowers in the garden, nothing bought.

Flowers! in October and the END of October. We have had at least 4 to 5 frosts in our area.

So yesterday out I go with my bucket to see if I could find anything out in my frost bitten garden. Do you know I filled that bucket. It was amazing how many things are still hanging on. Specially the chrysanthemums, they were in full flower and full of bees. I found a few roses, some reblooming lavender, even a Stella De Orro daylily with one bud that was starting to bloom, one little Bells of Ireland, some hidden rudbeckia's, and lots of red geraniums. I don't know how the frost missed those. They are close to the house so must be protected.

I filled the bucket with warm water and let it stand over night. I wanted to see if they could stand a warm house. This morning the flowers were in good shape and so with a neighbour visiting I made the arrangement. I think it turned out pretty nice for flowers that I found in my garden at the end of October.

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Pati said...

Wow, Shirley thats soo awesome and so very pretty. I can't believe you picked all that now..I would maybe fine some mums and some fall leaves and thats about it. Really cool.