Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In reply to Shirley.

I really love the pictures you posted… get me Shirley!!..I agree with most all you say. Thanks for all the ideas. I too thought of a light grey for all the walls and maybe a darker, mid tone for behind the bed. Instead of red though I was thinking of picking up on the greens….?Guest room makeover 004I do really like the botanical look but was trying to get out of my box……so really your advice is pretty safe. Ha-ha I am glad. I will keep thinking on it and hopefully post some “in progress” pics.  Oh yes I do sleep in your egg yolk   I mean squash blossom room……it’s fun and lively and I am thankful for your unique style….PS I think it’s time to talk about YOUR bedroom and some ideas you should do in yours…..

Oh and cool facts from 1949 Better Homes and Gardens.Funny how it still applies.

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Shirley said... have to do RED! Not green...we have done green for to long.
AND that is "Autumn Squash" on my walls....think of a bright autumn day with the sun shining through those golden leaves....and beatle music playing in the background....