Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New lamps

I am always on the look out for funky things…I live in a small town, and aside from the local grocery store and a few hardware stores and thrift stores, finding anything cool and in style here is like not happening. I think I save a lot of money because of that. Once in awhile there is something that isn’t too bad here….Like my lamp!! I am so excited.… It’s such a classic 1960’s look. It’s like the tulip chairs and the classic Saarinenso tables. I bought three of them, they were 15.00 each. I will give two away to my daughter as she liked them too. 2008 September 249

I want it for my guest room makeover, I have already blogged about. So now besides trying to figure out how to design and paint that room, I also have this to incorporate and redo. So was thinking white and because no light goes through the shade, I will cover it with paper or fabric. 378046933_68da9f4d95_o

Here actually is the more expensive version of my lamp….See I could even paint it chrome or metallic….I like this faux bois paper on this lamp. I think I would go a bit more zappy than that.13886

Here is another idea. I could paint it white or turquoise and do a colorful shade. So many possibilities.

_Store_Large_hw-5063Look at this lamp from It’s $95.00…….It is not any better made from mine. So Ya I think I got a cool lamp. I am happy ….but right now I am outside pulling up wet and soggy hostas and cutting back my ferns out front. So it will wait until I have some free time.

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