Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things that make me happy……

126597849_36666f8314 I have been neglecting my blog as of late….I have been creating, I have really. I have also been caught in the daily grind of having a husband with no work. As women we need to keep everything running smoothly and sometimes our wants and needs get shoved to the back. That and the fact that sitting here and writing makes me feel guilty when I could be painting, making Christmas gifts, and generally trying to keep busy so I don’t dwell on anything too much. What’s the point? Things do tend to work out…even if the outcome isn’t something you could have dreamed up. I really try to have faith…not so much to “GOD” but to the Universe. I haven’t been very spiritual lately but that goes with the fact that I do tend to bury my fears and sadness in keeping busy….I am a very fortunate person. I am blessed everyday. The past two years of my life, if I look back, have been incredible. Filled with more pain then I have EVER felt in my life. I have cried more tears then I possibly thought I could.  Yet I am okay and I am happy… goes on. So the point of all this…?? Well I am a  simple girl and I have simple things that make me happy. I thought that would be a good post for this week. Shirley join in. Lets post pictures and write about “things that make me happy”

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Shirley said...

Cough cough...."my" blog?

I was going to be really bad and just blog about things that make "you" happy...heehee

Quote: Lets post pictures and write about “things that make me happy”

Love ya and just bugging you!