Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes Pati!

Yes Pati....I have been well sort of busy. I did my laundry and packed huh? Still haven't touched the lawns. I'm getting to them today. After I have to go up town and pay bills and get travelers cheques. As some of you may not know...I'm cruising to Hawaii...YES!!! 5 more sleeps until we head out to Vancouver. I'm excited, scared, do I have enough clothes?, wish I could lose about 50 pounds..... you know how it goes.
Ron and I did go to Osoyoos on Tuesday and visited the Osoyoos Art Gallery. My friend Barb Hofer (who her and her husband are cruising with us) is a wonderful talented painter and had a show with another lady who makes beautiful pottery. The gallery was very nice and very beautifully laid out. I got to pick a pottery piece for making all the posters for the show. That was really fun. I picked out a simple green dish. One that I can use and not put on a shelf somewhere.

The Red Bridge by Barb Hofer

See those roses? They are from my garden....Barb is the one in the middle.

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