Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tomatoed Out!

Here I sit at midnight waiting for the last of my tomato juice to process. Okay, I lied it is only 10:45...but it feels like midnight. It has been a very tomatoey week for me.
Made 15 pints of salsa, some mild some hot. Today was 200 pounds of tomatoes made into juice. Nice to have a friend who has tomato fields...and an endless supply of tomatoes. But I don't think we're to excited if we "ever" see another tomato for awhile.
My gardens are a mess, my poor lawns never get mowed. It is "canning" season and every jar must be filled!!!!
On to the next project....hmmmm lets see, always wanted to do some peach salsa. At least it isn't tomatoes!!!!

1 comment:

Pati said...

Wow...Looks like alot of work. I want to can too...