Monday, September 22, 2008

Goin Cruisin

We are on our way to Vancouver tomorrow to board the "Carnival Spirit" and sailing to Hawaii. We will be on board for 12 days. Can't wait!
I have been busy deciding on what to pack. Do you know how hard that is? Your suitcases have to be no more that 24 inches wide and 16 inch high. That isn't very big for all MY clothes...that isn't saying anything about Ron's stuff. Shoes alone need their own suitcase. Everyone tells me that you don't need very much...but we will be gone 12 days! Hey I need a lot of clothes. Then you have the "formal" dinners...that takes another whole suitcase. I know I'm probably panicking about it all, but what "if"? I tend to spill stuff on myself, I'm well known for my displays of what I ate during the day. I can't help it...lets just say I'm well endowed. I can't see my plate and well things tend to fall there...k...I'm sure some one understands. So I have to have a lot of back up tops and lots of stain remover. Life isn't easy at times....sigh
So my suitcases are pretty well done. Just a few last minute things to do. Had sort of a panic awhile back as we couldn't find our tickets. Found them "under" the almost filled suitcase. I'm sure we will relax tomorrow and just enjoy ourselves.
Although they are saying it might snow on the higher elevations. We are going through Manning Park and it is high... another thing to worry about. My sister Sharon (an herbalist) made me some Anti Anxiety medicine....don't know what is in it and don't want to know...but it sure works. Maybe I will take that before leaving tomorrow. Will have to make sure I leave it in the car in Vancouver, don't think it would make it past the drug sniffing dogs. That or maybe a beer or two...that always seems to work on me. Beer for breakfast, yum. Good start for a holiday.
Wish my family was all coming with us. Pati would love it! I will make sure I take tons of pictures and share them with everyone.

Here is our ship in Vancouver BC

Some fun facts of the Carnival Spirit
  • length 963 feet
  • 88,500 Tons
  • speed 22 knots
  • 2,124 passengers
  • 930 crew
  • 12 elevators
  • 4 swimming pools
  • Nationality of Officers "Italian"....oh ya!

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Pati said...

I am going to miss you......Have a great time and take tons of pics. Ha-ha liked your blog...about your boobs. Good one.