Friday, September 12, 2008

My Sister is Coming to Visit!

I'm so excited! It must of been all the talk of canning she wants to come to the big Village of Keremeos and buy tomatoes....well I know where to get them.
We will go to all the fruit stands and check out all the produce. They all are filled to the brim with every thing, from apples to zucchini. We will go and visit my friend and check out her beautiful gardens and their fields of produce. We will walk by the river and take pictures, while her husband pans for gold. Hope we have enough time to do it all....there are a lot of fruit stands and a lot of river to pan.
First however I have ONE day to prepare for my sister visit. Oh no! my house is upside down, my gardens are weedy. First I think is put away all the canning, it is still sitting on my cupboards. Five hundred trips down the stairs to the canning room. Then it is vacuuming, dusting, changing beds, laundry, should get some groceries...... wonder if I have enough day. Oh ya...the my garden club has a garden tour this afternoon also. I wonderful garden full of dahlia's....will remember to be sure my camera is ready for that.
Well better get my bum in gear instead of sitting here checking out the to do and no time to dilly daddle. (is that a word?)

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Pati said...

Hey I told you not to worry about having your house clean...I'm sure it looks fine. Looking forward to visiting you and Ron.