Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer is almost over!

Today I realized that I haven't taken pictures of my gardens this summer. I usually have a whole collection of flowers and garden pictures that I use for reference and maybe to paint one day. Summer is almost over and I need to smarten up. What did I do all summer? Didn't it seem to start and then it was over? I didn't go to the river for a swim, I don't have pictures of my flowers, I didn't get my summer chores done, like clean under the deck, or clean the car port. It's sad that summer is almost gone. Maybe it was the cooler weather. Usually we have to many days of hot hot weather, so hot that you can't move. Days of getting up at 5am and working in the gardens because it is impossible to function in the afternoons. Having suppers on the deck when the sun goes down, cooking "everything" on the bbq because you don't dare turn on your oven. Mowing lawns in the evenings until it is to dark to see and your neighbours are staring at you thinking...."What is that crazy women doing now?" So today I'm going to the river.....and taking pictures!

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Pati said...

Well i hope you did "go to the river" and took pics...?? I know how you feel, all of a sudden its over...and where did it go?