Friday, August 29, 2008

I had such plans

Well today I had high hopes. I woke up and had my coffee, started cleaning my kitchen. I even sprayed down my poor oven with cleaner... to do later. I had this idea that if i got it all done I could start painting. You see I got a really cool headboard from my sister Penny, and I have been slowly thinking about what color to paint it....I will use it in my guest room. I hauled the headboard down the stairs and set it against my wall in my dining room. First step done. Then I decided...Oh I should make a photo collage of how I want the room to look...Ya a kind of idea page!!....oh cool!..So get the camera...."click click" . Okay now some of the guest room, ..Oh some of the art that will hang in there too...."click click". Okay , that's done, now go upload them and make a new it "guest room ideas" ...ya cool. That's when my day started to go down hill. SIGH....I mean how hard can it be to make a photo collage?? Open a new file and paste a few bloody pictures in it right? Well ya if you are familiar with your program and know what you are doing!! So I struggled and time just flew by, and soon it was lunch....So I had lunch. Then I saw my flowers needed water outside. Okay did that. Then I saw a plant that had fallen off my deck and the pot had broke...Okay do that. Done. Phone rings, it's the brother in law. "Do I have any left over tiles" he asks.."I'm redoing behind my wood stove". Why of course I do and you can have them......Okay, he comes over but not before I have to frantically clean up all the rotten Saskatoons that have fallen all over the bricks in front of my shed(where the tiles are).....AARRGGHH....Okay DONE!! Back to the computer. Well thats how it went all day....One of my sisters came and visited me....Husband came home from work...then it's supper...WTF? The day just flew bye and I still don't have my headboard painted...and I still don't have anything to show as an "Idea collage".....god and here I sit feeling like I am a total misfit...I mean other people seem to get so much done in a day and I can't even paint a simple headboard! Oh well I guess I did clean my oven, reconnected to a sister I hadn't seen in awhile, saw my Brother in law, and had a good supper with my boys....I guess its not what I didn't do ...but what I did do that matters. I had a good day even if it wasn't what I had planned.

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Shirley said...

Sounds like my day everyday!