Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Dressed in the Mornings

Talking about getting nothing done all day.....let me tell you about me. I have a problem with not getting dressed right away...I've tried all kinds of things, like "being dressed before 11am" or "No coffee until your showered and dressed".....does it work? No! Why? I don't know...I get caught up with drinking coffee, playing games on the computer, talking to Pati on MSN..... Of course I get caught every now and then. Like today it is 11am and yes not dressed or showered. I get on to the computer, just to check my mail, but "hey" Sears sent a special sale! Coooool So there I am going through all the Sears stuff wondering if the next one will be "just what I need".....ding dong....OH NO! someone is at the door....I'm in my night gown, no housecoat, my house is a mess, and I don't know who it is???? So I run to my bedroom, and peek out of the window to see who it is. OH it is my friend...yes I want to see her, but she really teases me about not being dressed. She is a person who gets up at 5am, gets dressed and gets to work. Darn!....well I can't ignore her, she knows I'm home. So I grab a house coat and yell...COMING! She is at the door smug...knowing that I wouldn't be dressed. Ha! She tells me....was thinking of bringing my housecoat and wearing it to make you feel better...haha....she's so funny. What are friends for? Just love her to bits! So I will try harder to be dressed before 11am, I will get my act in gear and do something "before" getting on the computer. Ya right....we will see.

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Pati said...

I am the same Shirl...I wasn't dressed til 1:00 today. The secret is to wear a sweat shirt and pajama pants to bed....that's what I do.Oh by the way we went to Kamloops today. We exchanged some of Jo's pants that were to big and got Brooke and Sam and went and seen The Dark Knight....awesome show! ok ttyl