Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the H…

I love Etsy…to much to look at, some really cool stuff.

The other day I decided to check out the “Vintage” stuff. I like old glass dishes and just to see what's hot, I typed in bowls and what the H..!

What I found on Etsy…

il_155x125_36029138 Vintage bowlsil_430xN_55612530il_155x125_39530818

and here is what I have in my cupboards, I do have a few more in the fridge with stuff in them.

Feburary stuff 007

These aren't vintage! I use them everyday… So what if they are “harvest gold” but I don’t think of them as VINTAGE! Isn’t vintage OLD stuff? Like old OLD…??? What’s that you say Pati?… I am old???

Okay I admit I’m getting up there. But this is such a shock to me. I always thought Mom’s stuff was old and dated. Now it’s me that is OLD and DATED!

I sat here and really thought about it. Isn’t “Retro” really cool right now? So that makes me cool! … Cooooool! I have real cool collectable bowls now… maybe I should put them away to save. If I only had a china cabinet to display my really cool stuff.

Hey! watch that bowl, it is worth something…I think we should go and buy some new bowls and put these away…there worth money now!

I wonder if I have anymore really cool “old vintage” stuff…

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Pati said...

Isn't that soo weird and funny too. I see alot of that stuff around and it's weird. You are right in style Shirl haha.Good post.