Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring in the air…

Just came back from a nice walk around the block, takes about 35 minutes. I wore boots but it is so mild and melting out there my feet are soaked! Me and my dog Jack just enjoying the nice spring like break in the loonnng BC winter.Copy of 2009 February 063-tiltshift This is what it looked like last week….OMG hey. This is my back yard.

So have been busy and haven’t written much. I have been painting a triptych for my niece and trying to sew purses…I have one cut out and ready to go. The thing is as soon as the weekend hits all my crafting stops. My husband works out of town and when he comes home…well just say I don’t craft much. We watch movies with “the kid” and catch up on all the to do chores…I will post some pictures when I have got something to show. Here is one I made for my daughter awhile back and another one I gave away to my GF

2009 February 023

For my daughter.

2009 February 021

First try….gave it to a friend.

Ok so will try to post more this week…..You too Shirl!!


Shirley said...

Yes "Spring is in the Air" and our snow is almost gone. It rained all last night and stayed warm today.
Nice purses...I looked for fabric today....hint hint

Anonymous said...

Looks like you still have snow.
Shirley was showing me her flowers in bloom yesterday. Think you need a holiday. Could you come help me sort and revamp my garden?
Love your purses, you are a very talented lady.
Take care,