Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Here’s a Valentines blog for ALL our loyal readers. I guess the two of you will be thrilled…lol

If you do read this blog…send us a note so we know that you are there…someday we just might be famous…ya right!

Pati is busy sewing purses. She is so talented. Her daughter Brooke’s birthday is on the 18th and so she is under pressure to get the purse done. Wish my sewing machine worked…I have been wanting to sew the past few months.
Maybe we can get Pati to show us the purse she made for Brooke…hope Brooke isn’t reading this…

Anyway on to Valentines Day Wishes…

Valentines Day 002

Here are the cards I wanted to send out to friends…I lost them and found them today. So take a good look Suzan and Liz, these would of been yours. Maybe next year, if I put them somewhere I will remember where they are. And “Happy Valentines Day” my dear friends!

Valentines Day 001

Isn’t this picture lovely? These are Morning Doves waiting their turn at drinking from the fish pond. I took the picture from my kitchen window…just holding the camera up and zooming in, hoping that it would work. These birds are SO shy and any movement or noise scares them away. I was very lucky to get this shot.
So this is your Valentine gift to you all!

Happy Valentines Day!


Pati said...

Amazing picture!!!
Haha you lost your cards????Oh i laughed....Good post Shirl!!
Ya i will wait to post a case she does look....probably not but ya never know...

Anonymous said...

Shirley....what a beautiful picture of the doves. So special because you took them through a window. I've been trying to get the quail through the window and guess windows are too dirty.
I can't believe you lost your have all your cards neatly stacked in your little box. What happened?????
See you tomorrow.

Peggy said...

good blog