Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here I am!

Yes I know…the blog thing…lots of excuses and stuff like that. To say it plainly it is boring around here. So boring that Pati has to clean behind fridges and stoves…She must be really really bored!

At least it is warming up in Keremeos and the snow is melting. I can see some patches happening and I keep thinking I hear a Robin…must be all in my head  because I can’t find him with my binoculars. Saw a huge flock of Cedar Wax Wings and a flock of Gross Beaks. No Robins…yet. I even went for a little walk around the yard to see if anything is popping up…nothing yet. Okay! I know it is only the beginning of February but I can dream can’t I?

Today I got a manicure…first one ever! I got a French manicure…now I can’t do anything. It has to last at least the weekend.

Feburary stuff 004

What do you think? Don’t look at the “old” hands…just the pretty nails. Even got a heart put on my pinky for Valentines Day. I told hubby it was his Valentines to me. Such a nice guy!

I’m going to Port Coquitlam tomorrow. We have been invited to our niece's book release party. Cool that she wrote a book, Heart Songs to Apron Strings…A Mothers Journal for her Daughter by Carissa Jackson. I have found it all over the internet, all the way to Great Britain. Wow…I just might know a famous person. There for the “nails”…party?…with young Vancouver people?…and then me? Well I will have nice nails!

51TYzgagy%2BL__SL500_AA240_So must get busy with the packing and cleaning. Not looking forward to the long drive. It will be fun once we get there and just enjoy family. 

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Pati said...

Haha funny.....Why YES it is Boring here with three feet of snow outside and no way spring is coming here, for at least a month. BOOHOO
Wow your nails look so pretty...I think Ron was sooo nice to give you that heart! Haaaaa. Have fun tomorrow at Carissa's book party....very cool.