Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo Challenge

The dog and I journeyed out in the minus 20 weather to get these pictures. I had waited too long to get the best light….It was after 3 and getting too dark. I took over 100 pictures….haha. Not one made me go “wow”. Not like Shirl’s…Love, love your pictures. The light, the colors…

This is the dog..with the word squirrel said to him…

 2009 January 166This picture reminds me of a small little world….living on a branch. The snow is like a forest.

january blog pic….This one is of my maple.

january blog pic 3….This is my backyard zoomed in so you can’t see all my neighbours stuff.

january blog pic 5

I know we were supposed to do three, I just wanted the one of Jack on here, as he did follow me around, thinking we were going for a walk.

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Shirley said...

I love the little world on the branch...I can so see it! Did you happen to see "Horton hears a Who" good movie!
Yes Jack has to have a picture...he braved the cold like you did. Squirrel! Where! Where!....haha...can just see him.
You should of went out when the light was good...I made myself and it was good. Your pictures are beautiful anyway, I love them!