Sunday, January 4, 2009

My favourite Christmas gifts…..

I am running a little behind with this Shirley. I woke up later then normal. I then had to clean and head up town in a blizzard…I phoned Mom to make sure she was okay, and if she needed anything.(She has a cough..flu?) Then I phoned my neighbour to see if she needed anything…which turned into an invitation to come for coffee once I had finished shopping. I sped uptown in a snowstorm, with limited visibility, as my wind shield wipers are useless…… got some groceries came home unloaded them and put supper in the oven. My husband has to work out of town and leaves at 10:30 at night, so I needed to have supper ready for him early. Ok so it’s now 4:00…off to the neighbours for a visit….Home again at 5:oo and eat supper and do laundry and start packing for hubby. So it’s now 6:44 and still haven’t taken any pictures of my gifts…I still have lots to do. I will post this first and pictures to follow….. tonight or tomorrow, which ever works out. Sorry…it was one of those days….

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