Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo Challenge

Well Christmas and New Years is all over for another year … deep sigh. It was fun while it lasted. Sure did miss my kids. The boys stayed in Edmonton and we did get to see Erin on Boxing day. We “tried” to go shopping that day. Ha! I became Momma Bear defending “our” parking space. I don’t think anyone would of tried to take the only space available after driving for half an hour. I jumped out of the car and threatened anyone who even looked at the space that someone was trying to back out of. I guess I embarrassed everyone in our vehicle…ha…they don’t know what I’m really capable of, do they?

Now that all the hullabaloo is over we need to get back into our creative side. Plus to stay away from all those chocolates. Maybe even go outside…ooooh…that is a hard one to do. For Pati I did do that today and nearly froze my hands off…got to find those gloves.

Our challenge today was to photograph our backyard. It was such a beautiful day, sun shining and the air was so crisp and clean. We are to post only three of our choices today.

Here are my results

Christmas and outside Pictures 034

Christmas and outside Pictures 035


Christmas and outside Pictures 033

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Pati said...

Do I have to put mine up? LOL I waited too long, and the sun had must have waded into the snow? My flippin hands froze too...I did it in two stages and second time around had gloves...didnt help much. Also had to take Jack as he cried and barked the first time around.