Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things that make me happy.

Like I said I am a simple girl. So here is ONE of the things that make me happy….My Orchids. I do have a green thumb, I inherited from my Mother. It’s a wonderful thing to have. I love plants… plants, outside plants and even dead plants. So when the orchid craze hit, I fell hard. I bought my first one at a high priced plant store and it was 35.99.( They are cheap now 14.99 at most places.) Since then they have become available at almost any chain store. Walmart, Home depot and almost all grocery stores…..Yes there were and are a fad. I still love them even though we have been bombarded by them.You see they rebloom for me…….and they are like the most exotic beautiful flowers. EVER. I now have SIX of them and I neglect them really, but I have them in a north facing room and they thrive. They like me!!! So as of right now I have FIVE that are going to rebloom……I am sooo thrilled. Shirl I know you can relate. So here are a few pictures I have taken. (And yes people they do look rather phallic…)

2008 November 005This one is a mottled pink color.2008 November 001 This one is a purple/pink color.

2008 November 010This one is a pure white and hasn’t bloomed in two years!

2008 November 009 This one is my very first orchid. It is a bright zappy yellow.

2008 November 012 This one is also a zappy yellow /green color, and my newest.

So there they are. Wow hey……..In the cold dark winter, to have an orchid blooming in your house is like a piece of spring. They make me so happy. (I also do love my children, husband and all my family…but that’s another post)……I am just amazed at the wonder of nature ,that also makes your house look like a mag shoot. Ha

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