Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Makes Me Happy

Pati! you made me cry!

I do realize I have to think of the good and not dwell on the bad. Just needed a kick in the butt! Yesterday was a "bad" day. I had to make a decision I didn't like to do...and have been dwelling on one individual. What is it that we "dwell" on the bad. This person isn't important in my life! I don't care if I ever see her again! and she can't hurt me with her innuendo's or her ranting and raving.

Poof! she is gone!

I have wonderful husband who loves me and supports me and is always on my side. I have a loving family who cares about me, and is always there for me. I have incredible friends that support, care, and make me laugh.

Wow! I am so lucky! and that makes me very Happy!

I'm glad you made me realize that there is so much good in our lives....Thanks I needed that.

Love you always! and yes I am jealous of your orchids...mine look like they need some off I go to dust off their poor leaves and tell them I care for them.....and please please bloom with five stalks each so I can brag to Pati.

This Picture makes me laugh....good friends, good times. Think they were going to hit me with pillows because I was guzzling all the wine.


Pati said...

I made you cry? WOW.
Your post was very good and love that picture of you with a bunch of good friends.It's too bad that we are so quick to believe the words of an almost stranger....some loony person who obviously has so much pain and disappointment that they have to lash out...When like you said they don't even matter. Believe in yourself Shirl and yes you are loved and admired way more then you even know or believe.

Shirley said... made me cry AGAIN!