Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Garden Friend

Today while weeding the back steps I spotted this little guy…2009 July 003

He was all tucked in his shell :|….I still was so excited….I have lived here almost my whole life, and been a gardener for 20 and have NEVER seen a snail here!

I put him on a plate, and waited…..and waited….and finally went outside to finish my chores.

I decided to make strawberry jam and so picked my strawberries and went to the store to get certo. When I got home my son asked me where the snail was. “On the table” I said “behind you”…he kept looking at me like I was loonie…and I kept telling him “behind you"…right there”!! He finally was like Mom…he is not there…”What!!!” I said and raced over….and this is what I saw.2009 July 007

We searched all around and under the table…….and whoohoo we found him! Do you see him?

2009 July 004

He was so cool and finally was moving around.

2009 July 023

We put him in a jar with lettuce and some rocks. I looked him up and he is a Brown Lipped Snail….or so I think . I did email a snail expert from Smithers BC and haven’t heard back from him yet. We will see….I think I should put some different food in there for him…rotten leaves and maybe an apple or something?…

Ok so that was my adventure for the day….oh I made strawberry jam too.

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Anonymous said...

awwwwee he is soo cute!