Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mid week project

My husband is home for a few days….So I decided to start a project. The thing with my husband is, if I start a project…he takes over. He doesn’t do it in a totally controlling way…he actually likes to do home  improvements but doesn’t ever have time off work. Anyways to make a long story a bit shorter….I hauled out tile for my kitchen back splash……I said “I think I need to start this”..and i did…I started ripping off the tongue and grove wainscoting I had temporarily put up about five years ago. Did not take long and had it all cleaned up and walls all cleaned and ready to go. That’s when hubby walked in…and took over started to help. So here are a few pictures of the process.IMG_0003

Tile #1 going up on the wall!! Started behind the stove.


Coming along nicely…..while I clean up after him and take pictures.


OOps and also got a little side tracked….well he does get bossy and was nice outside!!!


Stopped here after realizing it was flippin Canada Day, and couldn’t rent the tile saw!! ArrgghhIMG_0039 

Yaaa for neighbours!! Earl borrowed a cute little wet saw…


So we kept going…..I made supper and he kept tiling. Son Jordi even helped!!IMG_0048_1IMG_0055

And last piece went in around 10:00 at night….pheww I was tired…..

Woke up and started grouting….I had to watch that too…He had the grout WAYYY to thick and man did he sweat filling all the lines…. I tried to tell him, but would he listen???? NOOO!! I didn’t take a pic of that as this morning he decided to shave all his hair off his head!! ..and while grouting  he had on no shirt and was literally dripping with sweat……umm ya. I did eventually get some control and do it my way….His brother came over, and they went and had a break outside…(beer) I remixed the grout to what I THOUGHT it should be…..and I started to touch up and fill in. When he came back in he did use mine and maybe he didn’t say he was WRONG but he did find it easier to fill in the lines….Men!!! All I said was “look your not sweating”……whatever….dumm da dee. So we finally finished and I think it turned out great! My grout is a bit darker than I  wanted but maybe it wont show the dirt as fast.


Still have to caulk around the bottom and repaint some mouldings, but I am happy!!


IMG_0097  Even made a friend when I picked some flowers for the window sill…..A Cute little Weevil!!!


Anonymous said...

wooow everything looks so great!! i wish i was there to watch the drama! cant wait to see it, im sure i will see it soon. thats cool that its finally done, been talking about it for so long!


Anonymous said...

ummmm yummy looking cake. I am envious of all your beautiful photos and flowers. I would like to know how to take a picture of a single flower with the background all blurred. Is it something special on your camra?
Shirley and Ron came over Sunday night for a bbq.....and a little retirement cake. I'll bet Shirley will be anxious to get her tile done in the kitchen after seeing how nice yours turned out.
Keep the pictures coming, I just love seeing them.