Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Christmas decorating….

Ok so here is what I have done this year…..I didn’t take alot of pictures and just finished up today.2008 December 080

As you can see I am not really into red, or burgundy…..I don’t own a cute Santa or snowman…and no singing tree…nothing against them, I am just not that traditional.2008 December 089

Ok so this is the only ornament I have from my childhood. I do love her and she is always on my tree. She was from my Aunt Minnie and I got her when I was probably 8..???2008 December 093

My light over my island….glass snowflakes. Only broke five…eek2008 December 084

My entrance way….blurry but like it anyways..2008 December 102

Ok so there is some red! Shirley brought me Holly and had to use it2008 December 006

My tree….is 16 years old and yes I need a new one.

2008 December 008

Made these for the front entrance. Wire baskets filled with greenery and lights.

Ok so there is my decorating……I usually so more and maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures of my baking and another tree I have done…..Ok enjoy.

1 comment:

Shirley said...

Red? I don't see any red...where???
Everything looks beautiful...and makes me jealous! I did add some green ribbon to my tree and a few green glass balls...I think it looks nice.
I will try to get some pic's tomorrow